DIY Coffee Face Masks

DIY Coffee Face Masks

Coffee is a favorite morning drink that energizes us and awakens us to life. And let’s Wake up not only our body but also the skin. Coffee beans and their grounds are a unique anti-aging, very useful anti-stress and tonic substance. One of the best for our face care.

Coffee face mask benefits

coffee and honey maskCosmetology has long discovered coffee rejuvenation. This is a favorite product, which is the basis of many anti-aging products (coffee scrubs, wraps, peels, creams, masks). What is useful for a coffee face mask?

  • Full recovery

Coffee sessions are able to bring the skin in full order in a very short time: increase the tone, regulate lipid metabolism, remove dryness and dehydration of the epidermal structures.

Caffeine, which is part of the grains, helps to produce regenerating and reducing enzymes in the dermis. It supports the immune system, cleanses, and tones the cells.

  • Normalization of blood circulation

Many people know that coffee is the enemy of cellulite. It is in his power to restore the natural metabolism, metabolism. Thanks to this, there is a replenishment of collagen fibers, the skin becomes elastic, becomes elastic and taut.

Antioxidants, which are rich in coffee, successfully resist free radicals. These amazing substances have a powerful anti-aging effect.

  • Thorough cleaning

Coffee grounds consist of the smallest scrub particles. Peels and masks with it have a great cleansing effect. They gently and delicately free the epidermis from black spots, dirt, and dead cells.

Chlorogenic acid acts as a reliable defender of the dermis from the effects of ultraviolet light, effectively fights photo-aging of the skin.

  • Maximum pull-up

Coffee facial mask effectively removes puffiness, returning the face bright and clear lines. Simultaneously giving the epidermis a stunning shade of light tan.

When your face does not please you, it has a dull color, fatigue, and haggardness. If the skin is very sensitive and immediately reacts to stress, has a tendency to inflammation, irritation, acne, and peeling – you will help a coffee facial mask.

Attention! Coffee can harm you in the presence of strong inflamed areas, open wounds, exacerbation of herpes, existing rosacea, and infectious skin diseases. In this case, you should first treat the skin, and then start to rejuvenate.


Secrets of coffee cosmetology

how often should i use a face maskAt home, based on coffee, you can make a full-fledged line of care: scrubs and peels, cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, and anti-aging products. But, to make a face mask from coffee at home completely satisfy you, get acquainted with some of the secrets of such procedures:

  • Do not use instant coffee powder for masks – we need natural coffee. Ideally, you should take a ground mixture prepared from green grains. Or arm yourself with a powder of roasted natural grains or coffee grounds.
  • Coffee grounds should be without sugar or cream.
  • Peeling and scrubbing coffee sessions should be performed no more than 2 times a week (using freshly ground coffee for oily skin, and for dry and normal skin – coffee grounds).
  • The best coffee facial mask at home is an evening mask held before going to bed.
  • Apply the mask only to well-cleansed skin, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. It is preferable to apply them in the evening when the skin is capable of maximum absorption of all valuable substances. 
  • The duration of masks is no more than half an hour. 
  • Wash off the ingredients from the face with warm water (boiled or filtered) and gently wipe with a disposable paper towel. 
  • Use only natural ground coffee beans and avoid instant substitutes! 
  • Before applying each new mask to your face, be sure to test for an allergic reaction.
  • Do not make such masks in the presence of cuts, wounds, herpes, inflammatory and infectious skin diseases, rosacea, and individual intolerance to the composition of coffee. 
  • The course of using any mask is 10-15 sessions, performed 2-3 times a week. 
  • During the period of masks, it is forbidden to talk, so as not to disrupt facial expressions and not to get new folds on the skin

The recipe that you have chosen for yourself must be strictly observed. When choosing a recipe, be sure to consider the condition and type of your own skin. For maximum effect 1-2 minutes after applying the healing mass, lightly massage the skin.

Recipes with coffee grounds

diy coffee face maskVery popular coffee face mask with honey. The combination of honey and coffee grounds gives the skin a silky smoothness. Removes inflammation, pigmented areas, perfectly tones and refreshes the face.

You can take any natural honey. If the honey is candied, turn it into an amber liquid in a water bath (at a temperature of + 40° C). At a higher regime, honey can emit toxic substances.

To prepare such a mask is very simple: mix honey and coffee grounds in equal quantities. Honey-coffee mass is suitable for daily care. It can be prepared with a reserve and stored at room temperature for a long time. The mask of coffee and honey can be effectively used with additional components:

  • Lifting mask made of coffee grounds

To get a powerful tightening effect, we make a mass of coffee and sour cream with the addition of honey and eggs. All components are taken in the same amount and thoroughly rubbed. Apply the product to the steamed face for 20-25 minutes. In the next two hours, do not apply any cream to the skin, otherwise, the effect will be small.

  • Deep nourishing agent

Honey facial masks made of coffee and olive oil cleanses and nourishes the skin well. The amount of oil should be less than three to four times that of the main components. The effect of this tool will last 7-10 minutes, and the effect will please you much longer. Olive oil can be replaced with sea buckthorn, apricot seeds, cocoa butter, or wheat germ.

Recipes with ground coffee

how often should you do a face maskFace mask from ground coffee is prepared from grains ground in a coffee grinder or from ready-ground grains. In this case, purchase the finest ground coffee beans.

  • Banana for wrinkles

Mix the coffee (8 gr. ) and the banana pulp (10 gr.). dilute the Mass with cream until pureed. Session time is a quarter of an hour.

  • Flour tightening

In-ground coffee beans (16 gr.) add any flour (15 gr.). you can take any flour: rice, rye or wheat. Dilute the mixture with vegetable oil and apply to the skin. The session lasts 20-25 minutes.

  • Fruit coffee face mask from acne

In-ground coffee (15 gr.), mix grated Apple (25 gr.) and lemon juice (7 ml). The mass is applied in a circular motion for half an hour.

  • Oil cleaning face mask for pores

We prepare the product from ground coffee (40 g.), olive oil (5 ml), lavender ether, rosemary (5 drops), and sea salt (10 g.). the Mass is applied in a dense layer, especially on problem areas. Remove the rest after 10-15 minutes.

  • Clay scrub

Mix ground coffee (8 gr.) with white clay (16 gr.) and add a little mineral, still water. The mixture is diluted to a porridge-like state and applied to the skin. To keep it from drying out.


Have you ever tried a coffee face mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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