Nail colors for fall 2020

Nail colors for fall 2020


Autumn season is just around the corner. With the onset of the cool season, many lovely ladies are looking for beautiful ideas for inspiration and creating great images.

 For an autumn manicure, warm shades, a velvety effect, the contrast of Nude and dark coating, matte and shiny effect will be characteristic. Thanks to this combination, you will have a truly charming and attractive manicure design for autumn.

Using the example of the top 20 fashion trends of 2020-2021, we will show you new examples of nail design for autumn that will not leave any girl indifferent. Watch and be inspired!

Autumn nails

What nail colors for fall you should you look at?

  1. Maroon. Autumn and red wine go hand in hand—talking about nail colors, of course.almond shaped nails
  2. Mustards and Oranges. This color is at the peak of popularity not only in the autumn season. Juicy summer images in orange color please our eyes. Orange nail art is an incredible freedom of choice, orange color is perfectly combined with pastel shades of beige, pink, purple, green, nail color
  3. . Deep jeweled tones like navy blue accent fall textured sweaters and suedes well. They aren’t as common as wine red but are equally as chic without being too dark like the classic black. It’s a great in-between color.Navy Blue nail
  4. Neutral Beiges and Browns. Not to be limited to only the fall, neutral beige and brown nails will always be in trend. Nudes tend to elongate the fingers as well, so here’s to pretty fingers all the time. nude nails
  5. Deep Green. Similar to navy, deep green nails are the perfect jewel tone to stay outside the norm with. It’s a touch brighter than black but still screams minimal chic. deep green nails
  6. Grey. One of the most refined nail colors of the season is a frosty, washed-out grey.  Being an understated shade, your light grey nails will look equally elegant at a business meeting or at the wedding. Less austere than darker tints, this manicure looks divinely feminine in an almond design that’s finely squared at the tips. Partner your light grey nails with solid black tailoring to heighten a sense of drama; or amp up the class by pairing with cool white to bring out a timeless appeal.grey nails
  7. Ombre shading is a gorgeous way to wear your favorite nail colors with ultra-cool style. A beautiful soft gradient will give a whimsical twist to your standard manicure, especially when designed with fall’s favorite colors. Ombre nails
  8. Metallic Nail Polish. Sparkly without sparkles, metallic nail polishes can add a touch of glam without being over the top. Fall calls for warm tones and gold and rose gold nail polishes are ideal for the season.Metallic Nail Polish





Choose your style and be amazing!

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