Step by step to a beautiful body!

Step by step to a beautiful body!

How to choose a stepper for your home – which one is better to buy, what to pay attention to

The simulator is not a cheap purchase, so you need to make the choice of model seriously. First of all, you should pay attention to:


Step length is the distance between the pedals when both of them are in the maximum upper and lower positions. Choose a simulator based on your anthropometric data: height, weight, and individual characteristics.

Pulse sensor-it is necessary to measure your heart rate during training. Allows you to control the intensity and level of loads, track the progress of classes.

Calorie consumption – will be especially useful for those who use the stepper as a weight loss simulator.

Distance and pace-sensors count the number of steps you have taken, convert them into miles, and also show your average speed.


Built-in training programs

Steppers with built-in microcomputers allow you to choose different training programs, as well as create your own.

Heart rate maintenance program – allows you to limit the load to a certain heart rate value;

Custom program-not all simulators allow you to create your own training options. The personal program implies the load level, tempo, frequency, and other parameters that you set;

Training time program-sets the desired duration of the training process;

Maximum user weight

If the person planning to use the simulator is overweight, then you should find a model that can withstand the appropriate load value. Most of the models on the market have an index of 220-250 lb, but you can also find options that can withstand up to 280 lb.


One of the necessities of the training process is the built-in sensors that allow you to monitor the state of the body,

Sensors can be:

  • Built-in;
  • Wireless;
  • Wired – attached to any part of the body;

Track the following parameters:

  • Pulse;
  • Number of calories spent;
  • Distance and number of steps;

The course of the pedals

There are two types of pedal stroke: dependent and independent. Depending on the pedals, the load distribution on both feet is the same. Independent can increase the load on one of the legs, which is useful for recovery


TOP popular home Steppers 2020

Model IMG Digital Display Max User Weight Step motion
Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

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time, calorie, count, rep/min, scan 220 lb twist
TOLOCO Stepper with Resistance Bands exercise time, calories burned and total count 264 lb N/A
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine Scan, Time, Calorie, Count, Total Count 250 lb twist
Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Twist Stepper Time Elapsed, Total Count, Steps per minute, Calories Burned, and Scan 220 lb twist

We recommend that you choose the simulator responsibly, so as not to be disappointed and actively use it for its intended purpose. Do not buy expensive simulators if you are a beginner and do not plan to actively engage.

Decide on the goals of training – weight loss, pumping a certain group of muscles, etc. Based on this, choose the model that affects the desired parts of the body in the best way to achieve the greatest effect during training.

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